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The aim of the International Club of Ottawa (ICO) #ottawaclub is friendship for the purpose of introducing international men and women, temporarily living in the Ottawa area, to Canadian members, Canadian culture, and the Canadian way of life.  International members from the diplomatic, business, and academic communities are welcome to share knowledge of their countries and their talents.  Membership for internationals is free. The Club has no charitable, political, or religious affiliations. Although the working language of the ICO is English, many members speak multiple languages like French, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese.


The club is managed by Canadian members who comprise the Leadership Team and program chairs, with input and assistance from international members. Canadians pay a small annual fee. 

The ICO organizes monthly programs, mostly during the day,  for the members: 

            Arts & Heritage    Book Club    Duplicate Bridge   Happy Hour 


           International Cooking     Mah Jong       Walk ‘n Talk       ICO Talks       Special Events.

For information and membership inquiries contact us at

We shared lots of fun, food, friends and learning in 2024!

Join us in the fall for another exciting year.  Something for everybody. 

Experimental Farm with Canadian chicken breed

Happy Hour Bocce Ball

ICO Talks-Japanese Hina Dolls

Walk & Talk - Poet's Pathway

June Picnic wagon ride


Blacksmith @ Cumberland Heritage Village

Connect with us at
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